Conversation and the VISION OF U

Visions of u
Of us
The fun
The sex
So many things
I long to have again
let me try
The way your body wrapped around me when you got in from work and joined me in bed at ribble rd
hmm nice
There is a pic I want to find of u stand on looking at your phone wearing shorts
i have the memory in my head
The smell of u
Eating popcorn and drinking and abandoning movies
And u f’ing me at the halcyon on the sofa in Front of the window
And against the wall on arrival at Bournmouth
Will I ever sleep tonight
I will try
such a written memory
get some sleep my love as the night is long and the day awaits ur strenght to consume it with work u have signed on for
Same to you xxxx
Night sweetheart xx
That’s what U used to say
I miss that too
 our next meeting shall patient a realistic picture of our words
so then we will have the chance to fulfil our wants… chat ends
And the conversation ensued to make obvious the vision of me(him), what she loved,loves and would love but distance puts it away and leaves but imagination. what would her heart beat be like, as fast as the marching drum beats or as the racing car?
How can this painting be finished with an imaginary thought? why imagine when what was can be felt again? why suffer when u can offer? What determined it then could detemine it again to eternity just like light dispels darkness to start the day and the night sets in because the light gives way, why then can’t the power of vision give way to reality for that boken piece but mend again, why can’t knots apart be knots not nuts?
it sounds nice on conversing but the imagination of the ‘vision of U’ can be nicer if better lived but for forces…
We may bow to the powers of time but some day it shall bow to the power of Love, we may not want it but time shall tell how we miss it and we need it to have the coversation on the vision of u be repeated for the actual scenes be where bodies are felt, like the ribble road a visit is made, a fragrance is smelled, the unfinished movies watched, the shots taken and the photographs stored in our memories.
I love the vision of u for u and me sweetness. Miss u fresh13492905_10153524704507307_1215276251_n

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