Steve Meyes on Tim Hetherington

With Hetherington, understanding photography is about living and making an impact. through the period I sat listening to Meyes talk about Tim, it felt like he was alive and doing it really. But such impulse was only to make a statement of authenticity.

Write stories that are engaging in every simplicity

The success of photojournalism will only be successful if u manage to get the pictures out. Meyes

Photography in cipher motion pictures an imagination for change through science fictions

Look not from the outside but from within for the unsaid words to be spoken in every way possible.

The diary is a culmination of Tim Hetherington’s career and how the next step would have been taken Meyes

Conflict and brutality blends with domesticity in the photograph of the sleeping soldiers by Tim…what a thought by Meyes

Trans-media commits the audience to active and continuous search for information across all media

The world is not lineal ~Meyes~ but liquid ~Zygmunt Bauman (1925)

The format of traditional photo journalism limits the communication ~ Meyes ~

A story is never complete need to college the dots ~ S. Meyes ~

Each medium has its ways of projecting an item or article

The photographs of sleeping soldiers by Tim posits the contrast of aggression and vulnerability – meanings

Studying the issues of humanity expressed more vividly in conflict…the question of what is existence wit or without conflict

Tim Hetherington known as Conflict Photographer because of his coverage on war and conflict zone

Three things guided Hetherington: Curiosity, Honesty and Imagination

Photographic honesty is in the report and analysis of Ur articles Meyes describes

The bridge between the knowledge to be gained and the audience Tim dreams according to S. Meyes

Tim’s career in Photography was guided by the curiosity to understand and not to necessarily see

In the 90s camera was the tool for communication for photographers.

Photography filled in where words failed S. Meyes describe the drive for photography in Hetherington

What can address the limitations of still photograph in this digital age, even Hetherington wanted answers.

Stephen Meyes on Tim Hetherington

The bridge between the knowledge to be gained and the audience Tim

views by colleagues

“The biggest challange right now is figuring out the hybridisation of media journalism”

Commerce has shaped the forms of news that we’ve become used to’ @StephenMayes

The challenge to the Photography profession is the thousands of armature photographers taking photographs.

cake. Reminds me of my b.a days thanks @Jonathhan_Worth

LizDrakePhotos @LizDrakePhotos

Stephen Mayes describes himself as a “visual entrepreneur”.

Now brewing, a conversation between a virtual entrepreneur with a professor.…and thats the link to the whole discussion with Steve Meyes on Tim H.


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