SESSION 3: Fred Ritchin on Bending the Frames

Review: Re-cap and reflection on previous week.

From the News:



Activity: The pitch
Discussion :
“We have entered the digital age and the digital age has entered us”
Fred Ritchin “Bending the Frame”… Bending the frames as the title connotes, it basically a change in a form of thing. The morphology of photography cannot be described but the change can be appreciated because it harnesses the untapped potentials there in and gives room for further exploration.
The compilation of this note is queer but it is focused on the thoughts and understandings of Fred Ritchin’s concept of ‘Bending the Frame’ his new book. Its immediate and prospective significance to the discipline, photography. Photo Journalism, Visual Representation and decoding of pictographs.

Here is a link to the video mentioned.

We are listening to Professor Fred Ritchin :

photograph is a recording of activity.documentary photography is frame st, not moving in or taking out fig

Photography shifting because of technology, called photoshop.#Phonar
‘Digital photography makes the world malleable – to conform to our own image’ Ritchin

Who believes photographs?

With photography we can move back in time

“Photography is a quotation of peoples’ work”. This means, photographs should not be distorted.

With the right picture you can make an argument and defend it

‘Photographs are like quotes from the real world [unlike images]’ Ritchin

People like to know what happened in the world. &You can not change the detail level of picture. ,

George Rodger stopped photojournalism as he could no longer ‘compose’ pictures of horror [post-Bergen Belsen]

Photography is not to celebrate itself but to make an impact in the world. Ritchin

“The purpose of photography is to be useful in the world” Ritchin

We can make a case with the right photograph!

We need more subversive pictures

How can images promote new thinking and make a difference in the world?

‘with early [online] photo stories people didn’t know to click images – you didn’t touch pictures’ Ritchin on non-linear narratives

‘in non-linear narratives there is no beginning, middle and end – it’s not a bedtime story’ Ritchin on Uncertain Paths to Peace

Serious journalism cannot exist unless it’s on paper. Fred Ritchin

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