Photo Journalism: Significance

‘But whay not just kill the photo there and then? Because she might want to look at it again. because it meant something to her. Something! A great deal of everything!’ …Penelope Lively, The Photography (2003).

“photography as we have known it is both ending and enlarging; with an evolving medium hidden inside it as in a Trojan horse, camouflaged for the moment as if it were nearly identical: its doppelgänger only better – simulated”

From this recent development in photography, photo storage in the digital age has improved the visual industry, improved visual entrepreneurship says Steve Meyes.

A Photographer is a person with the camera, who sets up a portrait and the visual journalist is a person who deals with contextualisation of Photos. #Fred Ritchin

the visual journalist edits and determines the contexts of photos by the photographers as it depicts peace photography, violence, crime, horror ect #Fred Ritchin

the greatest challenge now is media hybridization…the growth of technology and the shift in media paradigm has a commercial challenge on photographs economic value and the photographic status # Steve Meyes

This can be seen in the works of Kevin Carter and many other photographic

 Kevin Carter’s award winning picture but controversial that led to his suicide.

This structures of pictography and the management of the visual world is immensely incredible and mostly controversial but what is the story you have as a photojournalist? If you don’t tell it what happens? what significance has it to a minute ratio of the public? These questions are demanding answers if your role must be professional, fulfilled and executed.


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