Session 1

Introduction and orientation : (i.)MID walkthrough – do you understand the Learning Outcomes that you must evidence in order to pass this class? (ii) How will the class work? – we will publish and share all of our work throughout.

Privacy discussion: If you prefer to be Pseudonymous with your online publishing for the purposes of this module that’s fine, so long as I know who you are and you remain consistent.

Social Media Accounts:Blog Addresses,Twitter accounts, Gmail addresses (for Google Hangouts) etc.

Introductions: Two minutes on who you are and why you are taking this class.

From the News:http://www.nowseethis.org/thispicture/posts/1459/essay/18

Points brought up for retention and reflection: “What is a Photograph?” (Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs A Primer” http://cov-primo.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/COV_VU1:COV_ALMA2135517950002011

Task: Use your smart-device (phone) to “tell the story of your journey to school”. Publish it and share the link on twitter using the hashtag #Phonar (short for Photography and Narrative)


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