Lesson 1: What is a Photograph

it is an artefact,

it can be held,

it is fixed in time and space

it is indexical

it is two dimentsional

it is be framed

a photograph is determinate .

but can that be said of photographs in this digital age?

Fred Ritchin says, ‘ we have entered the digital age and the digital age has entered us’. his his book, after photography, he opens it with this statement. this is to certify that there is an imminent change which cannot be disputed, refuted but adopted as a basic feature of photography, and its future.

Now the point is, can this development distinctly show the difference between photographs, images and pictures?

An image is a representation of the external form of any thing…this has different definition, however different its a representation of something from its external version.

A photograph is a picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused on to light – sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment or stored digitally

A picture is an impression, painting or drawing of something making a description of some sort.

These definitions and meanings of terms may be simply distinct but are practically interrelated as all are a representation of a work of art which in this digital age to distinguish is a bit difficult, compared to the analogue age of photography. But this does not state that Ritchin turned desperate to bring the knowledge to the public but it meant to show how much the practise has changed but seem to have improved on a liquid method that may seem a challenge to perfection and professionalism. In spite that, he has chosen to expose the several ways that there are to indulging, possessing, curating, and exhibiting this artistic act for consumption and passion with still loosing the authentic reality behind images or work of paintings. Though, it can not be like in the past but it still can project an undistorted message (story) which is important.

The digital age impact has made images abundant, none – diminishing, and a total opposite of what photographs were in the past.


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